• El Cuco
    El Cuco is a Pacific Ocean front village in
    the oriental part of El Salvador. The hotels
    and restaurant in El Cuco area offer excellent
    accommodation as well as traditional Salvadorian
    cuisine. The beautiful black sand of El Cuco beach
    combined with its gentle waves make it ideal for
    swimming, fishing or for a relaxing walk on its
    4.9 kilometers length. People of El Cuco are
    friendly and are ready to help with information
    about the village.
  • Playa Las Flores
    In a picturesque coastline west of El Cuco you
    find playa Las Flores a world known surfing point
    with hotels offering stylish guest room with
    captivating ocean views, making playa Las Flores
    resort a premier destination for you stay in
    El Salvador. The resort is close to several villages
    and mayor cities including San Miguel and Usulután
    as is also close to the international airport,
    just one and a half hour away.
  • Playa La Vaca S.M.
    La Vaca also known as La Pedrera is home to some
    of El Salvador biggest waves. A reef off the coast
    produces surfing-style breaks that often carry
    several surfers at a time. Located beside to the
    west of Las Flores beach, La Vaca is a vibrant
    beach with gorgeous waters and waves that tempt
    surfing pros. La Vaca offers breaks from the left
    and right. The best part of La Vaca is its reliability,
    it offers consistently for good surfing.
  • Playa El Toro de Oro S.M.
    El Toro de Oro beach known to its many friends
    simply as "El Toro" magnetizes travelers with
    its perfect combination of hard to reach location
    (access is only by unpaved tracks through a private
    property)stunning coastal scenery with its exiting
    Roca Toro de Oro icon of Hacienda El Toro de Oro,
    exiting and exellent surfing waves year round and
    exiting surfing activities as well as sport fishing.
  • Roca Toro de Oro S.M.
    El Toro de Oro Rock or Hacienda El Toro de Oro
    icon, a majestic volcanic rock one hundred meters
    into the ocean has been described by its friends
    as an enchanted stone. According to the legend,
    there was once a golden bull roaming El Toro de
    Oro beach. The elegance and beauty of the golden
    bull attracted all kinds of wild animals to watch
    the radiant golden color of his skin contrasting
    with the beach's black sand. Men showed up and
    tried to capture the golden bull, but this run and
    hid in a cave in the golden rock, to never again
    roam in El Toro de Oro beach.
  • Playa El Majague S.M.
    El Majague a 2.75 kilometers of uninterrupted
    grey sand beach ready to receive your footprints
    any day of the year for this is all year long summer
    paradise. El Majague a friendly community of about
    180 families ready to befriend you on your vacation
    stay, ready to take you on a fishing trip or to Punta
    Mango or Las Flores surfing points which generate
    frequent, nice,long and world recognize waves and
    at a distance of not more that 20 minutes on a
    bout ride. Come visit us and enjoy El Majague's
    friendly people who will guide you to see, feel and
    enjoy the fauna and flora all along the coast.

Bienvenidos A El Cuco Impresionante

El Cuco the centerpiece of a number of equally beautiful beaches to its west and east. One can find a range of ambiances from very popular and energetic to quiet and relaxing. El Cuco has long been a favorite 4.9 kilometers of spectacular silver sand, sun and worm waters, are augmented with shops, cafes and restaurants in its malecon as well as in the center of the village. The local hotels offer activities as surfing classes, yoga sessions, boats trips to nearby beaches with the perfect waves for surfing, boat fishing trips, guided sightseeing local trips as well as trips to tourist's attractions all around the country.

El Cuco area is actually a collection of a number of beach communities that join to create a large seaside tourist attraction. This stretches from the black sand beaches in La Union to the east down to El Espino Usulutan to the west.

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